Buglyó Péter KádármesterMy name is Péter Buglyó. I am a cooper craftsmaster, certified handicraftsman, industrial folk artist. I have been practising cooperage since 1965. Firstly I made common cooper products but I had a desire for something more than this, thus I started to search for formerly used ornamentally decorated accessories which had mainly sunk into oblivion. I decided to manufacture products that no other coopers would make. I decorate my wares with hand made carvings according to the customer's demand. These articles have been of great success up to the present and so are they still. My products have been awarded certificates and other prizes in numerous exhibitions. These appreciations gave me the strength to work on. Since there was not enrolment in this profession in Hajdú-Bihar in the previous 20 years, it was a great challenge that for my initiative 11 students got the chance to acquire cooperage in 1990. My son chose this vocation, too so we established B & B Cooper ltd. I became a member of the Folk Art Association of Hajdú-Bihar in 1993 and NIT judges my products continuously since then. B & B Cooper ltd have been producing the special 225 l (50 gal) oak casks called Barrique since 1997. We export a noteworthy percentage of our annual gross product; 70 % of our casks is eported to Italy and 80% of our plant bins to the Netherlands. The range of our products is still very wide: different types of casks, plant bins, oval and rectangular baths, basin stillings, shower-baths. On the other hand we still enlarge our scale and capacity according to present demands yet with the respect of conventions. 


B & B Cooper Kft.